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Atlantic Flight Academy AFA was founded in 2011 in order to give Professional Pilot Training according to National and International Civil Aviation rules and regulations with the aim of meeting the increasing need of qualified pilots in fast-growing aviation industry.

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IR(A) Intrument Rating Flight Module

Purpose of the course

The objective of the course is to train the trainee to receive the license for the following rating. The objective of the modular instrument course is to train the pilots to reach to the proficiency level required to operate the aircrafts under instrument meteorology conditions and under instrument flight rules according to ICAO PANS-OPS document 8168.
This course consists of two modules;

a) Basic instrument flight module. It consists of a maximum of 05:00 hours of instrument flight training time with a BIDT FNPTI / II or FFS ground time of 10:00 hours. Upon completion of the basic instrument flight module, candidates are awarded a course completion certificate.

b) Procedural instrument flight module; This module consists of 40:00 hours of single-engine or 45:00 hours of multi-engine instrument flight training and IR (A) theoretical knowledge training from the remaining training topics in the IR (A) curriculum.

Candidates applying for the Modular IR (A) course must hold a PPL (A) or CPL (A) including night flight privileges. The candidate applying for a procedural instrument module and not holding a CPL (A) must hold a course completion certificate for the Basic instrument module.

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Course Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • To be at least a high school or equivalent school graduate,
  • Having a valid 1st class health certificate issued by aviation medical centers authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation,
  • At least PPL (A) in the relevant aircraft category and,
  • a)Must have completed at least 20:00 hours of Navigation flight as a pilot in charge of aircrafts, TMGs, helicopters or airships.
  • b)Helicopters only: Candidates who have completed the ATP (H) / IR, ATP (H), CPL (H) / IR or CPL (H) integrated training course are exempted from the requirement stipulated in (b)..
  • c)If multi-engine aircraft will be used in the skill test,following multi-engine adaptation training, candidates should complete at least 05:00 hours of multi-engine flight training, maximum 3 hours in FNPT II.
  • d)Candidates holding an IR (H) must have completed the bridge theoretical knowledge training before starting the course.

Theoretical Knowledge Training

During the IR (A) training, students receive 150:00 hours of theory training and 18:00 hours of pre-flight theory training.

Flight Training

Students receive 50:30 hours of flight training during their IR (A) training.