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The objective of the course is to train the trainee to receive the license for the following rating. The objective of the modular instrument course is to train the pilots to reach to the proficiency level required to operate the aircrafts under instrument meteorology conditions and under instrument flight rules according to ICAO PANS-OPS document 8168.

Instrument Rating;

  • Single-Engine Instrument Rating (SE-IR)
  • Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR).


It is required to fulfill the following requirements for Commercial Pilot License training:

  • To hold Private Pilot License – PPL(A) or Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A) with night flight rating,
  • To meet English requirement specified in JAR FCL 1.200,
  • To have an appropriate medical certificate according to the type of license held,
  • A Certified Copy of ID Card (from local authority, with a photo),
  • Certificate of Residence (from local authority, with a photo),
  • Certificate of Education or Diploma Copy (Notarized),
  • A copy of ID Card (Both Sides),
  • Language Certificate (from a MEB (Ministry of National Education) approved organization),
  • 12 Passport Photos (on White background
  • PPL / CPL


Minimum 18 years old.


Minimum high school or equivalent graduation.



A medical report issued by a healthcare organization authorized by DGCA, confirming to meet 1st class medical requirements

Subject to the license restrictions, in case of using a second pilot during Co-Pilot proficiency test specified in JAR – FCL 1.120 Appendix 1 and 2 (multi-pilot restriction) and in other situations specified in JAR, pilots holding multi-engine IR(A) license have the privilege to fly under IFR conditions up to 200 feet (60 m) minimum decision height on multi and single-engine aircrafts.

According to the proficiency test requirements in JAR – FCL 1.210 Appendix 1 and 2 and the other requirements in JAR, single-engine IR(A) license holders are authorized to fly single-engine aircrafts under IFR conditions with minimum decision height of 200 feet (60m).

Pilots are required to receive theoretical ground courses and the required instrument flight training in an approved training organization according to an approved program in order to receive instrument flight rating.

Instrument flight rating may be received by a pilot holding PPL(A) or CPL(A) license in a training organization approved by the Ministry and it may also be received together with CPL certificate following a course starting from the beginning and requiring attendance.

Instrument flight training consists of two sections which are theoretical ground courses and flight training, and theoretical training should be completed in maximum 18 months. Flights tests should be performed within 12 months following the achievement of theoretical course exams according to the control forms.

If the Applicant holds an IR(H) license, the training may be reduced to 10 hours on single or multi-engine aircrafts.

The candidate who wants to receive IR(A) training should have 50 hours S/S flight experience as pilot in command (PIC) on an aircraft or helicopter. Minimum 10 hours of it should be flown on an aircraft, and PIC (A) pilot license holders should have night flight rating.

SSO and S/S Officers; If the flight hours of the pilots registered in Air Forces Command and student pilots meet the flight hours specified in JAR-FCL 1, they perform 5 hours of IR(A) refreshing flight on a single-engine aircraft, 15 hours of instrument navigation flight and 12 hours of multi-engine (minimum 5 hours for IR) flight in addition to such flights. If the available flight hours of the applicant do not meet JAR requirements for CPL/IR, flight training as much as accompaniment flight hours is provided.


In order to receive SE/IR or ME/IR rating, the trainee who applies to AFA – Atlantic Flight Academy for Instrument flight rating is given flight training according to JAR-FCL-1.205, and ground training (theoretical training) according to JAR-FCL 1, AMC 1.470(c). Ground and flight training is planned as follows according to the status of the trainee.

If a PPL (A) license holder wants to obtain SE/IR;

  • 200 hours ground training (theoretical training),

50 hours instrument flight training on a single-engine aircraft.

For the trainee having ME type or class rating in PPL (A) license;

  • Multi-Engine (ME) rating, (Multi-Engine Rating Training for the trainee not having ME rating);
  • 6 saat flight training
  • 9 hours ground training.
  • 200 hours ground training
  • 55 hours instrument flight training

For the trainees holding CPL(A) license according to ICAO;

  • 200 hours ground training (theoretical training),
  • 45 hours instrument flight training for SE/IR (On single-engine aircraft)
  • 50 hours instrument flight training for ME/IR.

If the trainee holds PPL(A) or CPL(A) and SE/IR; and also multi-engine class or type rating and wants to obtain ME/IR;

  • He/she is accepted to have received instrument ground training as he/she has SE/IR rating.
  • He/she receives 5 hours instrument flight training on a single-pilot certified multi-engine aircraft.

If the Applicants has served as Weapon System Officer or Navigation Officer in Turkish Armed Forces and is credited by DGCA;

  • For Senior SSOs, 195 hours ground training (theoretical training),
  • For SSOs, 295 hours ground training (theoretical training), and flight training as required.
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