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Pilot Training Application

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Privileged Training in Afa


1. To be a Bachelor or Associate Degree holder or student. In order to enroll with University Student Certificate, notarized copy of the High School diploma is required. Ministry of National Education Certificate of Equivalence is required for the candidates who completed High School education abroad.

2. Criminal record containing the expression “No entry in Criminal Record and Archive Record” issued by prosecution office.

3. A valid “1st class” medical report issued by an Aero Medical Center authorized by DGCA.

4. To be successful in multiple intelligence exam made by our Academy and in SkyTest exam for the candidates who will attend ATPL(A) program

5. To have sufficient English knowledge. The candidates who can not document their English Language Knowledge according to AFA CADET Pilot Evaluation Handbook standards
will take English exam made by AFA. Additionally, all candidates, including the ones having English Proficiency Certificate, will undergo English Interview.

6. To agree to attend the proficiency tests, exams and inteeview made by Atlantic Flight Academy.

In Atlantic Flight Academy, the evaluation process consists of 2 sections.

1. Interview;

One member of Interview Committee personally interviews and evaluates the candidate. At this stage, it will be evaluated why the student chooses this profession, his/her targets, aviation knowledge, his/her aptitude to mathematics and natural sciences and basic personality characteristics. The evaluations are discussed with Training Management and finalized. After that, feedback about the result and the evaluations is given.

2. SkyTest;

The analyticaly thinking structure of the candidates are tested on the web-based software SkyTest. This test also performs psychomotor analysis. Candidate’s exam sign up procedure for the said test should be completed 15 days prior to the exam date. The candidates can prepare for the test themselves remotely. The exam is made in AFA General Directorate with the participation of all candidates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: English Proficiency certificate is required for all candidates. The candidates who do not have Language Proficiency certificate can take the test made by our Academy.

At the time of pre-entry, 1st Class Medical Certificate according to JAR-FCL is requested from the candidates who complete the pre-application process and successfully pass the evaluation stage. Said certificate is issued by Aero Medical Centers authorized by DGCA.

Before the medical examination, the candidates will be referred to our contracted Aero Medical Centers by the Student Affairs unit.

“Fit for flying certificate according to ICAO Annex 1 and JAR FCL 3” is issued for the pilot candidates whose medical examination is completed. Validity of the medical certificates is determined by the Aviation Medical Examiners authorized by DGCA according to JAR FCL 3 and SHT-3 provisionsand recorded by Aero Medical Centers.

1st Class medical certificates are valid for the pilots in 1st class operating in commercial air transport carrying passengers on single-pilot certified aircrafts for 12 months until the age of 40 and then for 6 months.

In our Academy, the students with 2nd class medical certificate are only accepted for PPL(A) training.

Candidates starting PPL(A) training with 2nd class medical certificate are required to apply to Aero Medical Centers to convert it to 1st class medical certificate in order to continue ATPL(A) Training.

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